When we focus our production towards Industry 4.0, we are initiating a path to the standardization of processes by eliminating the variability of them, which will allow us to implement more easily and reliably “Lean” and “Six Sigma” methods, reducing errors and improving the quality of production.

The performance of repetitive tasks with low added value made by people, are replaced by automated processes, data collection and decision making in real time.


Industry 4.0, has as one of its objectives the complete control of production, which allows us a complete traceability of it from start to finish. At any time we will know all the steps of our product and if necessary, the actions performed by the operators will be collected and digitally signed.

With all this, we ensure the quality of the production. In regulated industries, compliance with stringent regulatory, such as FDA 21CFR Part 11 or EU GMP Annex 11, are also easier to comply with and validate.

AICI Consultants are aware of the advances of Industry 4.0 and what it implies and we guide our clients to face the challenge of this new stage that has opened up in our industries.