The so-called Industry 4.0 is the convergence between the physical world and the digital world and brings significant challenges and opportunities to the current industry. Industry 4.0 has a holistic approach to the industry, seeking an improvement in the overall efficiency of operations.

Industry 4.0 is made up of different technologies that are encompassed in the following concepts:


The application of these technologies, to a greater or lesser extent, will provide our industries with greater knowledge and anticipation of the needs of our customers, adapting our production to the demand of these.

Within these technologies, the implementation of collaborative robotics is having a great acceptance in the industry, since in certain phases of processes where there are repetitive or heavy tasks for people, the so-called “Cobots” are a solution that allows people performing work of higher value by contributing their knowledge and experience, while reducing the cost of labor for the company. The return on investment is usually less than one year.

Cybersecurity becomes a crucial point to work in organizations, since we are interconnecting all productive processes with the business and administration area.

Industry 4.0 also brings an advantage for companies: it decreases the relocation of industries due to labor costs, since the improvement in the efficiency of operations allows us to be more competitive.

AICI Consultants are aware of the advances of Industry 4.0 and what it implies and we guide our clients to face the challenge of this new stage that has opened up in our industries.