Technology, data and decision-making


Success at the event “Technology, data and decision-making” carried out last May 17 at the Parc Científic i Tecnològic of the UdG and convened by Digital Girona, where almost 40 attendees from different professional fields, could get to know a little More closely, what information technologies can contribute in the industrial field and how they are interrelated in the new paradigm of Industry 4.0, production systems with management systems and predictive analysis, all through the presentations of GLAM SOFTWARE, ANALITZA and AICI CONSULTANTS.

The common objective of the conference was to value the need for the entrepreneur’s anticipation of the changing environment and that technological tools can help in a definitive way, to achieve a vision that facilitates the decision making fast and solid.

Starting from the data collection in the plant, the contextualization of the information, the analysis of the data and the prediction of behavior patterns. All this leads us to systems that are capable of feedback with this information and make decisions based on different parameters and variables.

During the conference, we went through conceptual territories such as: Business Intelligence, Big Data or Industry 4.0. From the hand of the speakers, leaders of three leading companies in the field of business technology, was addressed from different angles the possibilities offered by the current technological world, for help in making business decisions.

Glam Software, exposed the advantages that the use of software supposes for the control of the integral management of the company and the importance of the Business Intelligence in the analysis and decision making.

Analitza CM, proposed the use of solutions based on artificial intelligence, for the observation of consumer trends and patterns of customer behavior, as well as the segmentation and analysis of products.

AICI Consultants, delved into the innovative world of Industry 4.0. The automation and control of production systems, the reduction of errors and the traceability of the product, the digitalization of processes and the data collection of each process. In short, the control of the production process from start to finish.

The synergy of these three companies is a clear example of how different disciplines of IT and OT environments are converging, to obtain a holistic approach to the industry and an improvement in business efficiency.